Need accurate and reliable transcripts of audio or video recordings? Our transcription services cover a wide range of industries, including legal, medical, academic, and corporate. Our skilled transcribers deliver precise and well-structured transcripts, allowing you to access and utilize valuable information effectively. We can provide notarized transcripts or certified transcripts.

At Flowlingo Studio, we specialize in providing top-quality transcription services that capture the essence of spoken content, no matter the language. Our team of skilled transcriptionists and language experts are committed to delivering exceptional results. Here’s how we make it happen:

Our Transcription Expertise

With a team of skilled linguists, subject matter experts, and a commitment to accuracy, we offer a wide range of document translation services tailored to your specific needs:

Precision in Transcription

Our experienced transcriptionists listen attentively and accurately transcribe audio and video content, capturing every word, nuance, and tone.

Language Diversity

We support a wide range of languages and dialects, ensuring that your spoken content is transcribed with accuracy and cultural sensitivity.

Industry Specialization

From business meetings and interviews to medical discussions and legal proceedings, our team is well-versed in transcribing content across various industries.

Quality Assurance

Each transcript undergoes meticulous quality checks to ensure that it is error-free, coherent, and ready for translation or dissemination.


We tailor our transcription services to your specific needs, whether you require verbatim transcriptions, summarized versions, or even time-stamped transcriptions for subtitled videos.

Why Choose Flowlingo Studio for Transcription?
Linguistic Excellence

Our native-speaking translators are not only fluent in multiple languages but are also experts in the fields relevant to your documents, ensuring accurate and contextually appropriate translations.

Precision and Consistency

We employ advanced translation tools to maintain consistency and ensure that technical terms and industry-specific jargon are translated accurately across the entire document. 

Regulatory Compliance

Medical regulations and guidelines differ across jurisdictions. Our medical translators are well-versed in local medical standards and regulations, ensuring that your content complies with the medical requirements of your target market. Whether you’re dealing with international medical documentation or regulatory submissions, we ensure that your content is compliant and medically accurate. 

Data Security

Your sensitive documents are treated with the utmost confidentiality and adhere to strict data security protocols throughout the translation process. 

Cultural Sensitivity

We understand that cultural nuances matter. Our translators infuse documents with cultural context, making them resonate with the target audience. 

How Flowlingo Studio Works 

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Submit a translation request via our state-of-the-art platform.

Immediate Quote

We provide a quote in seconds with different options for you to choose from. 

Transparent Pricing

The pricing is transparent and inclusive all costs with no hidden fees. You make payments online. 


We deliver the translated documents within the agreed-upon timeframe, formatted professionally and ready for use

Let's Translate Possibilities Together 

Join countless satisfied clients who have benefited from our document translation services. Let Flowlingo be your partner in breaking language barriers, expanding your reach, and making your global aspirations a reality.

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